The exact number escapes me. 
Some clever people claim that 95% of communication is non verbal.
A look (even if it is masked now) 
A gesture
A nod

So why do we so easily resort to the lowest common denominator 
of communication? 
In its lowest form. 
Is it a search for truth? 
All meaning is lost though. 
There is no timing, no emphasis. 
(Punctuation and spelling left the building long ago.)

How is it that it is now uncool to call unannounced? 
Like an intrusion. 
Why do we value other's time and apparent privacy 
more than our own? 
A simple conversation now spans hours of back and forth 
micro intrusions. 
(and we know that micro doping brings about big change 
- ask any cyclist) 
Is this the change that we want? 

What do you want your future to look like?

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