Sky Run 2010 my experience

A year after my biggest trail adventure I find myself back in Lady Grey with Neil, Roger and Kylie. Quite a few things have changed in the past year. I find myself as part of a group of 35 runners who are wearing red bibs to indicate that we have completed the course before andContinue reading “Sky Run 2010 my experience”

Gear Choices for the Skyrun 2009:

Essential Gear used: Merino Wool Buff: Rapidly becoming my favourite cold weather headwear option. I only ended up wearing this when the pace slowed down or when we stopped at Breslins. Will def be in the pack for emergencies. Julbo Instinct Zebra: I have used these for a really long time and they do notContinue reading “Gear Choices for the Skyrun 2009:”