About Me

I help people reach their highest potential: in mountains and in life.

You might say that we live in order to grow and have fun. If we have some fun while we grow then I think we are winning.

How do I achieve this?

Life Coach:


Through life coaching I facilitate growth so that my clients are better able to navigate life’s events going forward. This includes interpersonal relationships, work situations and relating to self.

Please contact me for a free introductory session to see if we can work together. I look forward to hearing from you.

info@LeoRust.com or +27 (0)72 285 9563


Mountain Guide:

Roadrun image-3I guide people of all abilities in the mountains through custom hiking, scrambling, mountaineering and trail running outings. Check out my Mountain Guide tab for more info.

I was on the steering committee of the South African Mountain Guides Association. We were the first organisation to formalise mountaineering and rock climbing guiding to a recognised standard. I was awarded the Rock Climbing Guide and Aspirant Mountain Walking Guide standard in 2000.

I was part of the founding committee of the to South African Mountaineering Development and Training Trust. In 2001 I was awarded the Rock Climbing Instructor Certificate.

In 2017 I upgraded my qualifications under the CATHSSETA standard to National Mountain Walking Guide.

I am a qualified Cultural Tourist Guide.

Please contact me so we can discuss your next adventure.

info@LeoRust.com or +27 (0)72 285 9563



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Leo. Inus and I are planning to do the Jonkershoek Marathon/Traverse next weekend (5th or 6th April). We read you blog with interest and scouted the first part to Pieke last weekend. Did you end up completing the challenge? Did you go up Square Tower Peak?
    Any tips?
    Bennie Steyn

    1. Hi Bennie
      That is awesome. We did all the parts but have not put it all together in one. it is on the list…
      My advice would be to scout all the parts. This is a serious undertaking and even if you know it well it will be a very very long day.
      On my scouting efforts I have started on Botmaskop and done all the pieces to the end at various points. I have done several trips to learn Nerina Kloof, Langrivier Kloof, Bergrivier Nek etc etc.
      You will want to know these in case you need to escape in bad weather.
      I am not trying to put you off but rather encourage you to explore as these mountains have got so much to offer.
      The Book Jonkershoek en sy Berge is the only useful guide to the area. Let me know if you can’t get hold of a copy.

      The part from Pieke to Bergrivier Nek is the most technical and you want to know this well. The second half should be quicker but it is a long way…


      Let me know how your exploration goes…

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