Life Coach

I help people realise their potential.
I facilitate growth by helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

We all have goals and dreams right? But how many of us have the tools and skills to achieve these? That is where I come in.

We might even have things in our past that are holding us back. I can help you clear these up so that you can move forward with confidence. We don’t tend to hang out in the past like other therapies but the aim is to move forward unhindered by past experiences.

Each one of us is unique and so my coaching is on an individual basis so that I can facilitate your highest truth.

How does it work?

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My first session is free. This is a getting to know each other session. You and I work out if we want to work together. Then we schedule a few sessions and you present me with what is important in your life.

I believe life is simple. Often it is just us who complicate things. My sessions are simple. I stay away from jargon. My challenge is to meet you where you are at and walk beside you on your path. Maybe I am more of a guide or compass, giving pointers here and there. Ultimately it is your choice of how you implement these. Life happens outside of coaching and I have the biggest respect for that.

I coach in person in my office in Plumstead, Cape Town or over Zoom, Whatsapp if that is more convenient. During Covid all my sessions are via Whatsapp or Zoom.

I offer group sessions on Leadership and Team Work.

My background 

I am curious about the people around me. I am fascinated by how we tick. More importantly I am interested in how to help clients realise their potential.

Many years instructing and guiding people in the outdoors has given me great understanding of how we think when under stress.

I received great theoretical insight into human thought by completing a BSc in Psychology.

Life Line course gave me more practical skills and insight.

Being invited to formal Life Coach training solidified my understanding. The 4 “Making Lives Work” modules lasted 2 1/2 years with over 220 hours of tuition, practice, homework, volunteer assignments and supervision.

Just as we continually develop so my learning continues.

Please call me on + 27 (0)72 285 9563 to see how we can work together.

Or you can contact me here.

I look forward to hearing from you.