Caperoutes – a project from another decade

The Caperoutes concept was born as my second attempt in rock climbing route guides. It almost came to fruition 9 years ago. Life intervened and this project got shelved into the dusty archives of my external hard drive. I wanted to produce something new, unique and beautiful to look at. Caperoute’s aim was to provideContinue reading “Caperoutes – a project from another decade”

Caveman skills clinic

I spotted a tweet, almost by chance, for a skills clinic being offered by none other than Conrad himself. My mountain bike signed us up as he feels he is as good as Conrad’s bike ( both are red, black and white – mostly). Who was I to object? We checked tyre pressure and setContinue reading “Caveman skills clinic”

Slab Route B Rifberg Jonkershoek

Head onto the Contour Path from the gate side (I climbed up from the White Bridge but this looses too much altitude). You will see the obvious orange overhanging wall to the right of the grassy slabs. head onto the ridge leading up to this. A vague path can be found on the crest. ascendContinue reading “Slab Route B Rifberg Jonkershoek”