Totalsports Terra Firma:

tsMy first challenge this year is the land based activities of the Totalsports Challenge. Namely 50km road cycle, 13km road run, 25km mountain bike and 9 km beach run. Basically this starts in Gordon’s Bay and finishes in Kleinmond.

A fair bit of planning into seconding logistics has been taken care of by M who is also competing. And thanks to Roger, Kylie, Skidaw and Balloch for handing over road shoes, collecting road bike, racing to new venue, collect road shoes, hand over mountain bike, race to next venue, collect mountain bike and hurl abuse as we disappear for an hour of beach running. Then tell us how well we did! (oh I am sure there is a separate blog post there…)

My plan is to try and break 5h. It seems like a nice round number and I think it might just be doable! The theory is: 1 ½ h for the road bike (just over 33km/h), 4:36 min/km for the road run should get me to T2 in an hour for that sector, 1 ½ h for the MTB and under 60 min for the beach run. There you go: that is the theory. Wish me luck for Saturday!

Fueling and pacing will be vital. I suspect the road bike will be pretty busy so I plan on drinking 1 X 750ml bottle of 32Gi energy drink. I will have a jungle bar. I will use 32Gi chews for the run. This road always feels super hot so the two water tables will be very welcome. Another bottle of 32Gi for the MTB and a bar and gel (maybe some caffeine thrown in). I will make sure that I have a spare bottle with plain water to cool me down for the climb up Highlands. I will have a emergency gel for the run. let’s see how that plan works out.

This is the first time that I am taking part in the event as an individual so I do not have too much to base this on but we will see what the day brings. Most importantly I will be having fun!

links from the organisers:

Red Hill Classic 36km race report:

(The Hilly Communist)

Roger mailed me in the week with the above in the subject line. The conditions were perfect for this year’s run- no wind and cool temps to start. This was a relief compared to last year when race organisers had 90 min to change the course due to veld fires raging around Scarborough and Red Hill.
This year the start was a rather relaxed affair. Not the normal claustrophobic pushing of other events. Maybe the early morning trip to the deep south was too much for the pushers? The gun went off and we set off through the ‘burbs of Fish Hoek at a leisurely pace. Roger and I started together. I was concerned for my hamstring- see how it goes approach. The usual chirping between the two of us lasted at least the first 10 km’s. Running at a great pace the km markers flicked by at a rapid (ok somewhere around 4:35 pace).
Misty Cliffs- the name says it all! Especially in the early morning light. Then the gradient got steeper just after the sleepy Scarborough. Need to put a bit of work in. I had to remind myself that this was only a warm up for the real communist onslaught just up the road.
We turned left at the bottom of Red Hill glad not to have to do the 6km extra loop for the marathoners. Head down and keep the legs turning at a reasonable rate.
At the top we were greeted by the best water table I have seen on a road run in a long while. Food, real food sizzling in the skottles, liquid refreshments. I was running in a small group and I really wanted to keep up with them otherwise I would certainly have stopped for a lengthy lunch!
I really had to relax on the long downhill into Simon’s Town. The pace was hotting up. I just hope that I had enough in the legs to push the last few km’s to the end.
Running so close to the ocean should be flat. So why did I feel like I had to fight uphill? The watering tables were plenty and cheering voices a welcome sound.
Very pleased with 37th! in 2h47.