Buller’s Kop (two people’s thoughts)

Last weekend I wanted to explore an area I did not know well. I wanted to check out Duiwel’s Kloof in the Banhoek Valley and also there was the East Face on Buller’s Kop. Why it is called the ‘East Face’ I can not tell you. We were in the shade all day and accordingContinue reading “Buller’s Kop (two people’s thoughts)”

DripDrop hydration

Back in the (good) old days. I am lying under a thorn tree in the dirt of the Namibian desert. Pretending that the thin branches actually contribute some shade and relief. Ross hands me a 2l Coke bottle filled with a mixture of salt and sugar. I get told to finish it. I don’t feelContinue reading “DripDrop hydration”

Customer Complaint: “My waterproof jacket leaks”

(Spoiler Alert: check out the Notes below if you want to get to the meat of this article) This week I got the below mail. I get them every year around this time and they always go along the same lines: “Hi I bought an expensive waterproof jacket. I was told by x sales personContinue reading “Customer Complaint: “My waterproof jacket leaks””

Four Day crash course in Fastpacking:

What I learnt from four days of lightweight backpacking or fastpacking: I have over 20 years experience in carrying very heavy loads (mainly climbing gear) up very remote peaks. This is quite a different skill set to Ultra Light travel to which I am far less experienced. The Osprey Talon 22 is perfectly adequate toContinue reading “Four Day crash course in Fastpacking:”

Items of beauty – and desire

Beauty in simplicity. I first fell in love with an Opinel no 8 Carbon in 1991. Légion étrangère printed on the wood is now faded. No souvenir.  Judging by the previous owner I suspect it did not lie idle. Even the knick out of the curve adds to it’s beauty. I sharpen it on a smoothContinue reading “Items of beauty – and desire”

FAQ Hydration bladders

What hydration bladder should I buy? My advice to first time buyers is to buy the best bladder you can afford. Go with the brands that have the biggest market share not necessarily what your favorite sponsored athlete uses. The first bladder I bought left a bad taste in my mouth and I did notContinue reading “FAQ Hydration bladders”

Beyond the Mountain book review

Steve House‘s actions speak loud, louder than words. The resultant art, painted on the canvas of big blank faces. And his book Beyond the Mountain tells that story. I was truly riveted for most of the book, not once wanting to put it down. I actually wanted to enjoy it before getting it and IContinue reading “Beyond the Mountain book review”

Le petit difference: Men’ / Women’s and Unisex backpacks

We all know that men and women are shaped slightly differently. In general women are slightly shorter in the torso, hips are more angled and they have breasts. Hence pack design needs to accommodate this. Obviously everybody is different so it is perfectly possible and I believe acceptable for a man to get a betterContinue reading “Le petit difference: Men’ / Women’s and Unisex backpacks”