What is it? I have no interest in looking it up on Wikipedia or God forbid the Oxford… What does it mean to you? Are you authentic? True? Bombarded by SM messages by our own doing we seek but find only perfect portfolios of our heroes. I have tried and failed to portray that image.Continue reading “Authenticity”

Roses for Killian

The recent Roses for Killian incident described here by Dakota got me thinking about the past and the future. How one generation hands over to the next and how we progress and develop. Deep thoughts. It is all Tristan’s fault that I walked up to the Ledge at lunch time one Sunday. I was carryingContinue reading “Roses for Killian”

Western States 100 2010

This last weekend was the 39th running of the oldest 100 miler in the US. The Western States started as a horse race after Wendell T. Robie rode the distance from Squaw Valley to Auburn in California in 1955. In 1974 Gordy Ainsleigh ran the course after his horse fell sick just before the race.Continue reading “Western States 100 2010”