utmb 2010 in pictures


Chamonix Valley: peaks on the left are: Les Drus, Aiguile du Midi (furthest right of the spikes) and Mont Blanc (highest peak in Western Europe) UTMB runs down the valley and finishes high on the slopes on the right.


UTMB Leg 1: View down the valley from Chamonix showing Les Houches and the first climb before St Gervais.


Italy: Looking NE from the Arete du Mont Favre towards Courmayeur. After that the route continues onto the green ridge and off towards the top left hand corner.


UTMB last 14km: From Col des Montets, La Flegere down to Chamonix!


Les Drus- the moody peaks just above my campsite
Starting my modeling carreer
Registration: getting my timing chip
My sister Annie and I at the start (can you tell that I am nervous?)


And then the race was all over!
And we were on holiday!
So more trails and sightseeing:
Mel and I doing the tourist thing on the Aiguile du Midi

aiguile du midi

The sun has finally appeared! There is an amazing vibe in town with slick looking dudes in bright coloured shoes, packs and jackets everywhere. And I am not talking about climbers either. Trails runners from all over the world have descended onto Chamonix over the last few days. It is the size of the Argus expo morphed into the size of a reasonable sized town. There we were two wide eyed zef efrikens walking every shop flat and perving at all the gear. Something else I tell you.
But this morning we took the cable car up to the Aiguile du midi at 3842m. The views were amazing to say the least and the cable car ride did result in some shrieks.
This afternoon I registered. We visited the expo. The usual nutrition and accessory stands were there. I even found a compression sock manufacturer who makes different length socks. Check out sigvaris. Currently they only do a recovery sock which I am testing as I write this. A few hours into the test and they feel pretty good. Full report to follow!
Now for a big pasta and chill out. Bags pack tomorrow and then Friday I am off!

UTMB prep 1

This is the first (of several I am sure) journals about my prep for the Ultra trail du Mont Blanc in August. Phase one of my training was supposed to lead up to Two Oceans. Everything went really well except that I was ill for the whole of last week. As a result I did not run TO. In fact I just got frustrated. I still have not quite figured out what was wrong. Even the doc could not tell me really…

Anyway now phase two of my training starts. I will start doing more trail and many more hills. But more of that in the next couple of days. Tomorrow I start running again and then build it up.

This certainly is an interesting journey.