OTB Sport Pupkewitz Jetty Mile Swim Swakopmund

Before our trip to Namibia I researched things to do and this swim popped up on the radar. Perfect: Transport our wetsuits for over 3000km to swim a mile. Just the right kind of madness. M managed to do some research on the ground which ended in a coffee stop at Bojo’s owned by BobbyContinue reading “OTB Sport Pupkewitz Jetty Mile Swim Swakopmund”

Two Spitzkoppe Scrambles:

The Matterhorn of the Desert stands proud of the flat plain below, Visible for many kilometres in any direction. The best way to take in the surroundings is to get some altitude. The Rock climbs are fairly well documented over the years. See┬áseveral links at the bottom of this post. However if you are notContinue reading “Two Spitzkoppe Scrambles:”