“listening is the light of the universe” somebody said.

Lifting certain objects out of the darkness. 
Out of the noise, into existence. 
I imagine my light sweeping through zig-zags. 

Dawn. Environment streams in, jostling.
At first gentle, growing in power.
Does it distract or inform?
Do you let it?
I need constant reminder that I have the power. 
To filter.

So if I pay attention, what is the cost?
The brighter my beam, the more it draws
specific clarity.
Surroundings fade from focus.
Noise canceling headphones to another world. 
Eventually laughter when I sing (out of tune).
But this listening is for me.

What if I attend to others? 
For their clarity, not mine.
Taking care with my beam.
Offering presence.
At a different pace.
Directing for their benefit, not mine.
That is what guiding is about.
A conscious choice.
Into the night we take what we need. 
Lessons from the light guide us. 
Images in the distance guide our path, 
into the valley beyond.

Published by leorust

Trail runner and outdoor enthusiast. Inspiring others to explore their environment and pushing their limits.

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