“listening is the light of the universe” somebody said.

Lifting certain objects out of the darkness. 
Out of the noise, into existence. 
I imagine my light sweeping through zig-zags. 

Dawn. Environment streams in, jostling.
At first gentle, growing in power.
Does it distract or inform?
Do you let it?
I need constant reminder that I have the power. 
To filter.

So if I pay attention, what is the cost?
The brighter my beam, the more it draws
specific clarity.
Surroundings fade from focus.
Noise canceling headphones to another world. 
Eventually laughter when I sing (out of tune).
But this listening is for me.

What if I attend to others? 
For their clarity, not mine.
Taking care with my beam.
Offering presence.
At a different pace.
Directing for their benefit, not mine.
That is what guiding is about.
A conscious choice.
Into the night we take what we need. 
Lessons from the light guide us. 
Images in the distance guide our path, 
into the valley beyond.

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