More Core sessions

TEnduroman bike route 2 recce maphis last weekend was another two days of core workouts in my preparation for Enduroman SA.

Saturday I met Geddan Ruddock of Franschoek Cycles, Ed from Atlantic Triathlon Club and new twitter friends for part two of the bike course. The 3km climb was sobering and set the tone for what is going to be a big day out. Total distance from Geddan’s Shop to the start and back was 47 km with over 1000 m vert. I stocked up on treats for the drive home.





Sunday I headed to Silvermine again. Old climbing friends with kids watched on as I suited up in my Orca wetsuit, two swim caps, ear plugs and goggles. The first lap I was doing ok, second lap I seriously wondered if this was a good idea and if I could actually complete my intended three laps, the third lap I just tried to keep my form as I saw M take some pictures.

IMG_1509 So what is the point of a 45 minute session in 12*C? I now know that I can. It’s not going to be pretty but I know I will get onto the bike and after that the run course. After that it is just a hop, skip and jump….

Silverman Triathlon

One of the best kept secrets around. I completed the Silverman Triathlon on Saturday. No entry fees, no marshals, no prize money, friendly photographers at every corner. Just getting out there and doing it and enjoying.

The standard route to follow: Swim two loops of the Silvermine Dam (1400m +) , walk back to your car, Drive the 500m to the MTB parking lot, hop onto the mountain bike, follow the Silvermine Loop, then down to the Tokai Gate via any single track that you like and back to your car (25km +). Trail shoes on and run the Perimeter Trail (11km) but more of that exact description later.

Obviously shorter options and much longer options are available.silverman map

On Saturday I chose to do a slightly longer route of the Silverman Tri in my prep for Enduroman SA. Here is my story:

silverman swim

ambit showing a rather interesting swim course

M was my only spectator for the swim leg. Flat like a pool conditions and 13*C made me feel quite chuffed. Two laps around the periphery of the Silvermine Dam gave me between 1400m and 1680m depending if you believe my Ambit or Google Earth.

As I entered T1 Tony and Nix arrived and slowed down just long enough so that I had company on the climb to Noordhoek Peak. It was a really nice way to start the second leg. We did some single track on the way to the bottom of the Fairy Garden where I turned to add some more altitude zig zags to my movescount graph. I started to deal with puncture issues so opted to head back to the car. (Nice that I could do that as there were no officials around who would disqualify me.) On with my trail shoes in search of my dropped water bottle from leg 2. Not the most interesting option but it did give me an opportunity to think about pacing for the run leg of ESA.

Despite me not hitting the distance numbers that I had intended for the day I was pleased that I have worked out nutrition solutions which should work come race day. Also some pacing for the run.

Another piece of the puzzle is worked out J

Silverman Tri

not impressive numbers but I got out there and did it



Disclaimer: any similarities in name to actual persons is purely coincidental and is not the intention of the author.


Top Ten Table Mountain Trail Routes: #2 Arboretum, Silvermine Loop

This is the second installment to document my Top Trail routes on Table Mountain. The first is here.

Tokai Silvermine trail run 260614Overview:

Super steep but (only just) runnable ascent to the fantastic loop around the Silvermine Dam. The route starts in forest plantation and takes you into the fynbos higher up.

Distance: 13 km (1h45 to 3h)

Total Ascent: 770 m

Total Descent: 770 m

Style of route: lolly pop

95 % single track, 5 % jeep track


Start at the Tokai Arboretum parking lot and go through the thatched arch. Up the main path and then find the single track which takes a pretty direct line up the hill. You will cross several jeep tracks to eventually get to the highest (Level 5) cross this and zig zag up to the ridge line. The last section is the most technical. Once you have reached the nek turn right towards Elephants Eye cave. Just below the fire lookout turn left and follow the level jeep track. This will join another dirt road heading up the hill. After a very short distance you will branch off left on a single track path. This traverses and climbs basically doing a long loop above and around the Silvermine Dam. You will hit the same dirt road as before (but on the other side of the valley). Down this to the dam. Skirt underneath the dam wall and into the parking lot. On the far side go up a single track path to a ridge line seperating you from Tokai. Left along here to where you came up. Follow the single track down to the start.

Recommended Tactics:

It will take some determination to run all the way up to the initial ridge and fire lookout. The angle is such that the temptation is rather big to walk in places. This route is 100% runnable bar the odd step around a boulder or two. A really good tester.

Water en route:

In wet weather you will find plenty streams. In dry months the dam is about half way and offers a great swimming spot!

Other info:

Park your car at the Arboretum. This is located at the end of Tokai Road. There is a security guard on duty during office hours. Don’t leave anything in your vehicle as break ins happen outside of these hours.

Public Transport: There is no public transport access to the start.

Supporter Activities: The Arboretum is a great spot for family and children to play and have some coffee and cake while you play on the trails. The nearby Porter Market on Saturday mornings is just around the corner. This is also the launching point for Cape Town’s best mountain biking.

Other Info: Trail and Tar is a great mountain biking and trail running store only a few minutes away. Staff are active and knowledgeable and can assist with directions, gear and the sale of last minute nutrition.

leo_rust’s 1:43 h Running Move #RunningMove.

The Camel – Enduroman training

Tokai, The Mast, Silvermine Loop

What on earth is Enduroman you ask?

Check out the site here. Basically this is a new off road triathlon to be held in Franschoek. In my opinion the distances involved put it in the league of Ironman.

Enduroman takes us on a journey of a 2,5 km swim in the Breede River Dam, 90 km Mountainbike route and a 21 km trail run. The profile for the MTB shows 2400m of climb. Wow! Ok so how do I train for this?

So on Saturday I went looking for a hill and what better place to go than Tokai.

From the bottom gate I headed up to the Mast, back to the junction up to do the Silvermine Loop and back to the bottom. Awesome ride with plenty of climbing. Perfect in fact as it was 45 km with 1350 m of ascent. Pretty much exactly half of Enduroman! The training has started and my psyche is high!!

Altitude profile showing speed. can you spot where I repaired a puncture?

Altitude profile showing speed. can you spot where I repaired a puncture?