How often do we listen?
That certainly is not the same as keeping quiet. Or shouting for that matter.
There seems to be shouting everywhere.
Signs shouting to "clean our hands". 
Shouting the new normal. 
Shouting about "my rights". 
Shouting which lives matter.
Shouting how people are infected. Or how many.
Shouting how distancing is safe. 
Shouting how to wear a mask.
Shouting how tech will save us. 

Then there is a quieter shouting. 
Posting pictures of groups drinking post run. No social distancing in place. Getting kudo's for running Lion's Head or that FKT. (It is actually still closed BTW.)
The shouting is deafening. 
Sanity drowned by madness.
But it is white noise. And the volume is turned way up.
It has no substance though.

I know my truth. 
The waves are big but we have to find a way through.
Back into the deep or to shore - it might mean the same thing in the end.

I seek connection.
With others. 
With myself. 
With my mountain. 

At the same time I am fearful. 
Of others not respecting my health. 
Of myself for not expressing my boundaries. 
Of dealing with fuckwittery when in public. 

It is a dance.

Outings with tribe. 
Restore hope. 
Restore sanity. 

In turn. 
I aim to listen.
Hope and maybe a bit of sanity.

'during this time'

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