Caperoutes – a project from another decade

The Caperoutes concept was born as my second attempt in rock climbing route guides. It almost came to fruition 9 years ago. Life intervened and this project got shelved into the dusty archives of my external hard drive. I wanted to produce something new, unique and beautiful to look at. Caperoute’s aim was to provideContinue reading “Caperoutes – a project from another decade”

Two Cederberg Day Walks

Algeria – Waterfall – Middleburg hut – Voor Warmhoek: 20km – 1000m ascent We got our day permit at the Algeria office (which opens at 7h30). This is free with a Wildcard. The walk up to the Waterfall is given as taking 3h round trip but we comfortably walked up to the impressive waterfall and deepContinue reading “Two Cederberg Day Walks”