Tuesday Morning Run aka the most fun you can have in 90 min – well almost

Every Tuesday morning we head out onto the hill come rain or shine. Some outings are more walks, some are more runs. Last week was one of my favorites.

From the Newlands Fire Base, up Woodcutters Trail to the Contour Path, Newlands Ravine to Devil’s Peak Saddle, across to Breakfast Rock, contour to above Oppleskop. Continue all the way to Mowbray Ridge, down this to the Blockhouse. Through the turn style and back to the start. You are doing pretty well to complete this in under 90 min!

I am into week two of testing the Garmin Virb and Go Pro Hero+ cameras so I took the opportunity to collect some footage and see how the cameras did in the dappled early morning light. Enjoy:

And for those of you that want a more precise route description to follow:http://connect.garmin.com/activity/376209979

under 9 km, 1070 m vert!

Matroosberg Trail Challenge Sky Marathon 2013

In 2012 I entered the event with the hope of having snow en route but sadly it was cancelled two days before due to too much of the white fluffy stuff. I put it out of my mind until the newly formed South African Skyrunning Association announced its first Sky Marathon to be held at Matroosberg!

To be honest I did have high expectations as the organisers are new kids on the block and this was a pretty ambitious project. Oh well I thought at very least I hope to get to run in a new area and visit Matroosberg for the first time AND get some valuable altitude training for Lesotho Ultra Trail (the second Sky Running event in Southern Africa) later this month!

Wow what a surprise when we hit the course!

The route was well marked, well thought out and tough for my legs that had not raced in 2 years. I loved every minute and truly enjoyed the whole experience. I was also testing the brand new Garmin Virb action camera for Go Multi Magazine and hence I took this opportunity to shoot some footage. (Yes a review will follow shortly!) I hope this gives you some idea of what you missed!