What is your purpose?

Sounds a bit cocky does it not? but in this day and age everybody has some angle. But is this truly what we are or are we trying to be (or become) something else? A butterfly perhaps? I see too many hashtags #hopingforabigbrandtoretweet #hopingtobenoticed #hopingtobesomebody So what is yours? Either charity, or conquering the world byContinue reading “What is your purpose?”

Terra Firma Race Report:

One of the iconic multi sport events of the Cape. A must do.  Outline: The Terra Firma is all the land based activities of the 7 discipline of the Total Sports Challenge. 50 km Road Bike 13 km Road Run 25 km Mountain Bike 9 km Beach Run My Race: We arrive in Gordon’s BayContinue reading “Terra Firma Race Report:”

Overberg cycle tour 21 to 24 Dec 2013

The idea of doing a cycle tour has been in my head for a long time. I did not find the right degree of challenge and manageability for our plan until a few months ago. M and I were cycling in Grabouw and loved it. A plan was coming together for our December holiday. IContinue reading “Overberg cycle tour 21 to 24 Dec 2013”