Wetting Out / Drying Out

I got caught in a downpour this week. I was prepared and wearing my Rab Polartec Alpha synthetic fill puffy jacket. I was not exposed for long and confident on drying out quickly. It could have been very different. I came across John Barklow (check him out on IG as he has some cool videosContinue reading “Wetting Out / Drying Out”

I am …(a runner)

We all define our selves with what we do and the more we do so others define us in the same way. Take those brackets away and what are you? What are you left with? We all wear hats in our lives. Those hats represent the roles in our lives. Different hats in different situations.Continue reading “I am …(a runner)”

Beyond the Mountain book review

Steve House‘s actions speak loud, louder than words. The resultant art, painted on the canvas of big blank faces. And his book Beyond the Mountain tells that story. I was truly riveted for most of the book, not once wanting to put it down. I actually wanted to enjoy it before getting it and IContinue reading “Beyond the Mountain book review”

PUFfer Preparation 301

I have had an interesting email conversation with a fellow trail runner on gear and how to best use it stretching over the last few weeks. This conversation and my presentation at SSISA prompted me to put expand on ideas here. My comments are aimed specifically at PUFfer runners but are universally applicable. Let meContinue reading “PUFfer Preparation 301”

what’s in a name?

Climbers appreciate the significance of names much more so than runners: The vertical folk have: “Scaredy Cat” Describes an obvious emotion and a taunt. Are you good enough to attempt this route? Even if you know nothing about the route the name gives you some kind of idea. “Ocean’s of Fear” Vast expanse, that emotionContinue reading “what’s in a name?”