More Core sessions

TEnduroman bike route 2 recce maphis last weekend was another two days of core workouts in my preparation for Enduroman SA.

Saturday I met Geddan Ruddock of Franschoek Cycles, Ed from Atlantic Triathlon Club and new twitter friends for part two of the bike course. The 3km climb was sobering and set the tone for what is going to be a big day out. Total distance from Geddan’s Shop to the start and back was 47 km with over 1000 m vert. I stocked up on treats for the drive home.





Sunday I headed to Silvermine again. Old climbing friends with kids watched on as I suited up in my Orca wetsuit, two swim caps, ear plugs and goggles. The first lap I was doing ok, second lap I seriously wondered if this was a good idea and if I could actually complete my intended three laps, the third lap I just tried to keep my form as I saw M take some pictures.

IMG_1509 So what is the point of a 45 minute session in 12*C? I now know that I can. It’s not going to be pretty but I know I will get onto the bike and after that the run course. After that it is just a hop, skip and jump….

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