More Core sessions

This last weekend was another two days of core workouts in my preparation for Enduroman SA. Saturday I met Geddan Ruddock of Franschoek Cycles, Ed from Atlantic Triathlon Club and new twitter friends for part two of the bike course. The 3km climb was sobering and set the tone for what is going to beContinue reading “More Core sessions”

Silverman Triathlon

One of the best kept secrets around. I completed the Silverman Triathlon on Saturday. No entry fees, no marshals, no prize money, friendly photographers at every corner. Just getting out there and doing it and enjoying. The standard route to follow: Swim two loops of the Silvermine Dam (1400m +) , walk back to yourContinue reading “Silverman Triathlon”

Ironman: what I have learnt:

This is my favorite time of year for training. Work stress disappears for a few weeks and you can put in a solid block. Perfect if you are preparing for IMSA on the 6th April 2014 I loved my prep a year ago and thought I would share some insights from my journey. NOW isContinue reading “Ironman: what I have learnt:”

IM 70.3 Buffalo City 2013 race report

I walked past a woman in a car. She still had her athletes armband on. “Slow day today” I said, she smiled and knew. Somehow there was a common thread in our lives, certainly over the last few days. Our day started with strolling the 100 m or so to transition. Bikes were perfect, checkContinue reading “IM 70.3 Buffalo City 2013 race report”

The week (and a bit) that was: Knysna Big 4 +1

Indeed this was the best 10 days Mel and I had this winter! The plan was for us to ride the Mountain Bike and Road Ride together and then we would see how it goes from there. 80km Mountain Bike Ride: We roll downhill to the start in the centre of town. M downs aContinue reading “The week (and a bit) that was: Knysna Big 4 +1”