Enduroman SA route recce thoughts 1

On Saturday Enduroman SA, Atlantic Triathlon Club and Gedden of Franschoek Cycles offered a pre ride of the first half of the bike route. This is from the official website so it should not have been anything unexpected. For those of you who did not join us here is my advice:

Beg borrow or plead your way onto the route recce for the next two weeks. everyone who was there agreed that it was super valuable. Yes it is a bit late to change anything about your training but it might just help you with your mental prep.

enduro official lap 1 mapComing out of T1 we will ride only a few hundred meters along a dirt road. A steep uphill follows which only goes for another half km. sharp left turn onto the first shock: a not super technical dirt road. But technical enough to make you walk if you are not careful. The contour single track follow by down should pose no issues. The rest seems pretty obvious from the map and elevation profile. There is a significant crux though: Once we cross the main road for the second time we have some fun in the sand. Yes it will be fun! 

If the first half of the bike course is anything to go by then I am going to be pretty conservative on the bike.



enduro run route official mapThen we went onto the run course. To call it a run course is optimistic. I am pretty confident to predict that nobody is going to run 100% of the run course on all three laps. If somebody does please come and collect your prize on the 27th! Even if you walk the super steep fire break then you will have to deal with the quad busting downhill on pebble rocks. followed by a few km of sand.

Not sure what you are going to take from this but be conservative. This is going to be a day of attrition. Last man and woman standing will win!



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