Etiquette / Non- Consensual Integration

As spring makes an appearance and  The Cycle Tour aka “Argus” entry date comes around we see our roads swell with cyclists. Here a story from a while ago. resurrected from “unpublished”
We were riding out on the “red road”, north out of town. The tail wind meant only one thing for the way home. As soon as we turned in the pre dawn black I had the wind on the nose. No problem, keep the pace steady and make sure M can stay in my slip. This will mean that we get back in good time and both have a good ride.
It does not take long until we creep up to and pass a guy on a mountain bike. I slide past and greet him but then it happens: He tucks in behind me and leaves no space for M. She is forced to swerve and drop back. I slow waiting for “the natural order” to be restored. It takes a couple of minutes and then things go on as they were. I have absolutely no issue with mtb dude sitting in our draft but please take up the last position.

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