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My preconceptions were the wall.

I had done this before. I had felt the holds. I remember the awkward move even from years ago. I knew I wanted to do it. To do the tick. I knew the consequences of pushing on and backing off. Backing off meant quite a lot when it was meaning that I was after.

I felt the dirt in the crack. Looked at the moves above I would not be able to reverse. My ideas, my fear tilted the wall against me. The lack of training (and that is a training of sorts) added to the cocktail.

How to be present and feel and see what is really there? Not blinded by what I think aught to be. That seems to be the real training.

The reps will change, as the steepness of the wall.

I admire all who continue to try into age. It seems too easy to just fortify ourselves in our own limits of thought, tradition, statements rather than questions and new possibilities. I admire all who keep an open heart to reality. Reality sometimes looks like opportunity and that is when we should act.

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