Hout Bay to Llandudno Traverse. Table Mountain Top Ten Trails #6: the adventure is out there. 

It is not often that I start a trail run at the civilized hour of 8h00 on a Saturday. But we were waiting for the tide to be out. I was lucky enough to be invited on this route by Mark Preen. This ranks as one of the best adventure trails in Cape Town. ‘ButContinue reading “Hout Bay to Llandudno Traverse. Table Mountain Top Ten Trails #6: the adventure is out there. “


I started doing breathing exercises a few months ago. Every morning. First thing in the morning. To get my day started the right way. While everybody is still asleep. The basics are pretty easy. It is called Square Breathing. Breathe in for the count of seven. Hold your breath for the count of seven. ExhaleContinue reading “Persistence”

“When is enough, enough?” Ian asked

I close my eyes in the crowd, in that town square, in that time. Vangelis is playing – Chamonix town square at the start of UTMB I can still feel the tears now, many years later. The point of life is to grow and to have fun. If you can have fun while growing thenContinue reading ““When is enough, enough?” Ian asked”

A tale of two braais

Two weekends in a row now I have braaied for dinner. That is pretty unusual for us. When I get the opportunity I do love it but it does not present itself that often. The contrast of the two last weekends made me think. The first we were camping in Porterville at 22 Waterfalls. IContinue reading “A tale of two braais”

Gradient: the secret to learning

We were made to walk up stairs the other day. First one step at a time then back down. Then two steps at a time, back down. All in a long snake we walked, round and round. Some of us managed four, some had to grab onto the hand rail to manage, others gave up…Continue reading “Gradient: the secret to learning”

A tale of a journey

“Who are we, where are we, why are we, what are we” – Muse Day 1: George to Oudtshoorn via Old Montagu Pass 69 km, 1000 m ascent, 4h18 Mel went for a swim at the Virgin Active while I hopped on my bike. Keen to start my journey. Around the circle and up theContinue reading “A tale of a journey”

What is your sound track today?

What is the rhythm that runs in your veins? Much echo in the far off distance or a loud choir? The lump in my throat from Chamonix town square five years ago has not gone. Daddy what did you leave behind for me? Mother do you think they’ll try to break my balls? Is it RoryContinue reading “What is your sound track today?”