Surfing the Line

Maybe a better description would be “balancing the line” or something similar. I want to convey the feeling of dynamic movement, of back and forth, zig-zagging, carving back sharply then more smoothly. Adjusting course. But rather than dropping down one side of the wave as in surfing I want to describe riding the sharp crest of it. That is where the tension is.

The sharp line between shadow and light. Cool and warm. Left and right. Hard and soft. Overwhelm and apathy. My destiny lies along this crest not on either side.  A friend described it like balancing a wobble board. But I think this is more dynamic. Running along the crest of a sand dune. My existence lies along that tension. Probably because of that tension.

As I look behind, the crest is no longer clean and crisp but pocked by my passing. Murky where I have walked. The reality is that the only way I can stay true is to put one foot either side. One spot of light in the dark and one shadow in the light. Transferring weight between the two. Thinking, being static does not keep me on course. Action, forward momentum, does. As I know dunes are not straight lines but rather curves. Intersecting. Interjoining. The obvious path is not a straight line. As I reach one summit I see others ahead. A sea of sand and opportunity or misery. That depends on me.

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