“Rise to the occasion” they say

A cure all, magic spell.

A hope even.

The problem with such a simple explanation is that it might just be too simple.

And hope does not provoke action but rather complacency.

Sure, just the right amount of stress can lift us to heights previously unachievable. But this requires us to be able to throttle that dose of external stress. That seems to be a very risky plan. Rather than relying on the right outside conditions I prefer to have a more failsafe method where I can control more variables. Essentially I want to be very sure in what I can do when the stress is high. That is why all athletes practice, practice, practice.

Almost a falling back (or down) to what is known. If I practice doing 2X load then repeating X load is easy, even under huge stress.

Through practice I gain familiarity with my self and under what conditions I am capable of what performance. This more predictable outcome seems exactly what is required when stress is high and the environment is unpredictable.

This certainty in self, a lifeboat of sorts in stormy seas.


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