Freedom – some thoughts

Freedom from oppression, violence, physical or mental. Many of us enjoy these to the extent that we forget that others do not.
Edith Eger makes the distinction between freedom of and freedom to. To decide, to think, to vote, to speak, to be silent, to act.

Both come with a cost. But who carries that cost is the question. I might carry the responsibility not to oppress. Likewise you carry the cost to express yourself in a respectful manner. Is that a cost you are willing to pay?
Who has the responsibility to listen?

The argument of ‘I will treat you with respect only if you play nice’ whilst widely accepted does not follow logic.
‘I carry the cost of freedom’ makes it sound like a burden but it is no less true.
I think what I am trying to express is that any right is balanced by responsibility. The connection between those two is essential to keeping community in balance.
We mess with that equilibrium at our own peril and the game quickly falls over. We all know this. The same way as we all know when somebody has upturned the scales. We might not be able to express exactly what is going on  but we all know. And we all act accordingly. 

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