Where is scene 2 in the rooi koppies?

I switched off my GPS. It would not lead me to where I wanted to go. Speed bumps and traffic, high double fences mark the privileged. I drive on. I will know it when I get there. The road deteriorates to a dust track. The privileged do not travel here. I skirt Wonderkop and thereContinue reading “Where is scene 2 in the rooi koppies?”

My parents did not name me Leo. I chose it.

Well actually that is not quite true. It is short for my Christian name which none of my friends could pronounce. A good friend once introduced me to people in California and turned to me “do you mind if we call you Leo?” I just nodded. And so my life was changed. For the firstContinue reading “My parents did not name me Leo. I chose it.”

Spring time is here.

This is the season for insurance. Somehow it always happens. Somehow despite previous experience I always get caught out. No other season is like it. Summer is summer, it is hot and sunny and we know to put on lots of sunscreen when we go out. Winter is wet and cold and we accept thisContinue reading “Spring time is here.”

Today is indeed another TUEsday*

This piece has been brewing in my head a while. I hoped it would go away during the Olympics. I watched only one race (can’t remember which one) on the interweb the next day. Why bother you ask? I just don’t see sport as sport anymore. It is entertainment. In the same class as watchingContinue reading “Today is indeed another TUEsday*”

“When is enough, enough?” Ian asked

I close my eyes in the crowd, in that town square, in that time. Vangelis is playing – Chamonix town square at the start of UTMB I can still feel the tears now, many years later. The point of life is to grow and to have fun. If you can have fun while growing thenContinue reading ““When is enough, enough?” Ian asked”

Today I want to tell you a story.

Back in the  90’s I was actively progressing through the grades in rock climbing. I wanted to consume everything. I wanted to get better. Slowly and steadily I did by choosing partners and ventures carefully that would stretch me. We climbed everything within our reach and we slowly expanded our horizon. The start of summerContinue reading “Today I want to tell you a story.”