Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail


Rolling down the Palm Trees with Nasty C. Red Cadilac bouncing to the base, turning blonde heads clad in bikinis. Suddenly I awake. Dreams are like that. Inspire, frighten. Sometimes they remain dreams up there. We remain here, grounded.

I heard a tune on the radio but I don’t know what it was called. I waited for years to get a chance to listen to it. Mostly glimpses. Waited for years for it to be right. Waited for years to be fit. Waited for years for confidence to give it a go. In the end it was right here.

Somewhere between the start, the end and home that is where.

Sometimes our photo roll is full.

Sometimes our memories.

Seldom both.

This was the latter.

“I was busy” was my reply. What I meant was “I was engaged”.

The looking around I did was to (mostly) keep us on track. Not vistas, backdrops, hashed tags.

Surfing waves of boulders. Finding the quickest line not buyline.

This route was with me for over a decade. I am surprised that the cool kids have not found it yet. Maybe they will. Maybe they have and it is on Strava – I have no idea.

Start at Jonkershoek gate, Bergrivier Nek, down Duiwel’skloof, finish at the Kylemore gate. 25 km on the map (slightly longer on the ground), 2000m ascent 8h29. I expect a time of 5h is very doable. It might require a recce trip though. Funnest Known Time.

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