10 Burpees

That is what my program said.

Does not seem so hard does it?

I skipped over what came before or what after.

The X3 rounds should have been a warning. There were others. There always are.

I thought, I knew, I ignored.

Suddenly I was at the place when things did not go the way I had planned. Certainly not the way I thought they would go a few minutes ago. That special place.

I won’t bore you with details but the burpees were the easy bit – in isolation. In the context of the workout they were the exact opposite however. Actually that is not quite true. The 30 sec rests were the worst. Just too little time to find relief, just too little time to psyche up for the next round.

I should have known that HARD would come and I should have been ready. Instead I relaxed and thought it would be OK.

HARD always comes at some point. That is the only thing we can truly know.

So what do we do when we arrive, unwarned, suddenly?

(see tomorrow’s post)

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