What is it?

I have no interest in looking it up on Wikipedia or God forbid the Oxford…

What does it mean to you?

Are you authentic? True?

Bombarded by SM messages by our own doing we seek but find only perfect portfolios of our heroes. I have tried and failed to portray that image. I hate those that can do it well. In truth I just envy them.

In the last week I read Kilian’s words: “Myself the first thing I do when I finish a activity is to post my trainings on movescount and Strava, tell my feelings on Twitter, post a nice picture on Instagram and say something stupid and existential on Facebook.” Read the full article here.

And then Brand Jodie: “A pioneer of our sport who produced Spirig, Wellington, Snowsill, and Harrop is reduced to justifying his grammar.” Read about #effingtwitter

Be inspired by Temple Grandin.

We need more genius, insanity and we need authenticity.

I challenge you to think beyond 140 characters. I challenge you to be authentic.

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