My thoughts on a week past

So it started quite predictably.

With another Killian Win. And another record.

Hardrock is different and this is well illustrated by this Salomon video.

Wow can you believe that this is Season 4 for of this inspirational series?

Then ‘The Jerker’ Scott Jurek broke the AT supported FKT. His time for the 2178 mile (3505 km) trip is 46 days 8 hours and change. He had some impressive guys and girls crewing for him. Karl “a hundred miles just aint that far” Meltzer and Krissy Moehl amoung other were there. A fitting tribute to a legend. Scott broke Jennifer Pharr-Davis‘s record by 3h. Let’s put that in perspective: That is 0.28% faster. Correct my maths if I am wrong but that is 0.0268s off the best time if they were to run in the 100m dash! Nobody would be able to tell the difference with the naked eye. It was that close!

I am taking nothing away from either feat but it is quite boggling none the less. Read Jennifer’s thoughts here.

“Hold the Record lightly” – Jennifer Pharr-Davis

Does that not go for most things? It really puts things into perspective. Why do we hold onto our podiums and medal and records so tightly?

I was just getting into this year’s TdF when the stories broke on Monday. And many okes climbed into the ring. Almost like a WWF free for all. The best was kept for last when the crowd was in a frenzy: LA accepting blame for for Froome having to answer questions about doping.

There was some humour in it though:


Then in local news Stuart Marais posted this piece after his win at the Big 5 in Knysna.

And I leave you with that. Let’s simplify our game this weekend and hold your records lightly. Lekker naweek almal!

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2 thoughts on “My thoughts on a week past

  1. I really don’t care if he’s clean or not I love watching the tour for the excitment of the race, I also loved watching Lance racing.

    The only people I want to know about are the guys I race against! I don’t question any of our trail runners (unless bottles of red wine count!) But on the road… I have my doubts!

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