My thoughts on the week that was

The week started with me watching our Comrades stream on local SABC. Sage and Max were still in the mix so I decided on a little jog around Hout Bay and taking the dog for a walk. We are house sitting “The Three Cats and a Dog” you see so there are more chores that need doin.

I came back and the boys and girl were out the back and Big Steve was off the hook for buying shots. Congrats to SA athletes for taking top positions in both men’s and women’s. I am impressed. Caroline’s split for the last few km’s inspires. I hope for her sake that this is not her pinnacle performance and that she will be back next year with a follow up. I thought back to previous winners including Alberto Salazar. Back in 1994 I watched the whole event from start to finish. Things were pure and exciting back then. I believed.

Here is a short summary of that race.

Yesterday I saw this BBC documentary.

I feel robbed but not surprised. As with the cycling scandals over the last few years I wished that something pure was still salvageable. That somehow the dream was not shattered. That seems naïve and unrealistic now.

Then news of Andrew Porter’s Drakensberg Grand Traverse came through the twittersphere. It is in stark contrast to the disgrace above. I can’t say I know Andrew well at all but he is tough as nails and a super nice guy.

Then Men’s Health ran this piece on James Lawrence planning to do 50 Ironman races in 50 states in 50 days. Looks good on paper but will he be able to deal with all the logistics around traveling his bike and kit for close to two months. What mechanicals will he have in 9000km of riding? And how will he be able to deal with these?

So what inspires you?

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