Another end of yeat post

At this time we like to reflect and post on what has been and what is to come: here goes my contirbution:
A cup of tea after a race is always the best!
Earlier today I was standing chatting to Gary Blakey of Blakey’s Beans. Yes he does do tea!
I started to stroll up the dusty hill with hot refreshing drink in hand. No this was no trail in my book but the closest to trail running I have done in the last month or so. The Tokai Manor House 16km is a gem of an event. I cheared on friends as they came in. I thought about the last year. It has been truly good.
I have never been fitter than I was in August.
I was never more surprised by a result than by TMC in Sept.
However I have also been inspired to take my running to another level. I am not sure what that is but I am doing track once a week and busy building a base around this.”Why am I running track with guys way faster than me” you may ask. “What has track got to do with trail running?”
I think I have exhausted my potential on my current training. I simply can not repeat the same training and expect different results.
What are those those results I aspire to? Not sure yet but here are some projects that inspire me for next year:
Two Oceans Trail Run
VWS sub 2h
Breaking 38min for 10km (I am 4 dec short or long depending on your interpretation)
Mweni Marathon Trail Run (depending on date clashes)
Outeniqua Marathon
Voet van Africa Marathon
Breaking 3h for a marathon (not the Cango downhill…)
Yes this is more road but the experience and speed gained will only help.
So what about the year past?
Here are some of my picks from ‘10:
Best Training Route: Easy Rider
Best new running idea: long runs with low HR and only water to train better fat burning systems.
Hardest training weekend: Bat Run followed by Kloof Nek Classic the next morning with Roger. ( The first hard weekend is always the toughest.)
Biggest Lemming moment: Agreeing to run the Mast Marathon.
Spectating Highlight: watching Jayde, Michael and Martin battle it out to break the Bat Run record. Well done Jayde!
And so we go forward into another adventure filled year.
Hope you are inspired to surpass yourself in ‘11!

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