What motivates you? Some thoughts, maybe not the most coherent string but my thoughts in the mix none the less

For me it is filling in the blank spaces on my map. It started when I looked at blank rock faces. The first being Right Face. The obvious line that splits the cliffs on Table Mountain to the right of Platteklip Gorge. Then came the huge bowl the Klein Winterhoek which Ocean’s of Fear piercesContinue reading “What motivates you? Some thoughts, maybe not the most coherent string but my thoughts in the mix none the less”

African X Trail Run 2011 prediction

Place your bets gentlemen! This is gonna be a mega weekend of racing. The weather forecast predicts pretty perfect running conditions! So who is going to be the winner after three days of tough racing? I could not come up with any competitor lists in the mens category but I know that Dion Middlekoop andContinue reading “African X Trail Run 2011 prediction”

Two Ocean’s 22km Trail Race Report

Devil’s Peak middle traverse Hardcore trail running meets precise organisation and a spectacular fan fare at the finish. I feel like a hero sprinting down the field at UCT. The grass has not been worn by thousands of feet before me, crowds are cheering for me alone. No I am not in a dream butContinue reading “Two Ocean’s 22km Trail Race Report”

aiguile du midi

The sun has finally appeared! There is an amazing vibe in town with slick looking dudes in bright coloured shoes, packs and jackets everywhere. And I am not talking about climbers either. Trails runners from all over the world have descended onto Chamonix over the last few days. It is the size of the ArgusContinue reading “aiguile du midi”

Western States 100 2010

This last weekend was the 39th running of the oldest 100 miler in the US. The Western States started as a horse race after Wendell T. Robie rode the distance from Squaw Valley to Auburn in California in 1955. In 1974 Gordy Ainsleigh ran the course after his horse fell sick just before the race.Continue reading “Western States 100 2010”

Gear Choices for the Skyrun 2009:

Essential Gear used: Merino Wool Buff: Rapidly becoming my favourite cold weather headwear option. I only ended up wearing this when the pace slowed down or when we stopped at Breslins. Will def be in the pack for emergencies. Julbo Instinct Zebra: I have used these for a really long time and they do notContinue reading “Gear Choices for the Skyrun 2009:”