Most of us have seen the photo. Kulhavy waiting for Sauser to win the sprint. They knew what was required and they knew what it would take. They had a plan that matched the desired outcome. They had planned this scenario. How many of us have the same insight? Or do we leave it upContinue reading “Specificity”

OTB Sport Pupkewitz Jetty Mile Swim Swakopmund

Before our trip to Namibia I researched things to do and this swim popped up on the radar. Perfect: Transport our wetsuits for over 3000km to swim a mile. Just the right kind of madness. M managed to do some research on the ground which ended in a coffee stop at Bojo’s owned by BobbyContinue reading “OTB Sport Pupkewitz Jetty Mile Swim Swakopmund”

Totalsports Terra Firma:

My first challenge this year is the land based activities of the Totalsports Challenge. Namely 50km road cycle, 13km road run, 25km mountain bike and 9 km beach run. Basically this starts in Gordon’s Bay and finishes in Kleinmond. A fair bit of planning into seconding logistics has been taken care of by M whoContinue reading “Totalsports Terra Firma:”

The week (and a bit) that was: Knysna Big 4 +1

Indeed this was the best 10 days Mel and I had this winter! The plan was for us to ride the Mountain Bike and Road Ride together and then we would see how it goes from there. 80km Mountain Bike Ride: We roll downhill to the start in the centre of town. M downs aContinue reading “The week (and a bit) that was: Knysna Big 4 +1”

Two Oceans Trail Run

So the Two Oceans Trail Race 2012 sold out in under 3h! Either you smashed your keyboard on Wednesday morning and are one of the 800 runners that are in or you are not. There is no point in moaning about the high entry fee as this clearly is no deterrent. Quite frankly this eventContinue reading “Two Oceans Trail Run”

In search of a Hill:

Apologies for this self-indulgent post. My mind is so pre-occupied with the Ultra du Mont Blanc that I think of it constantly. I am trying to find ways to prepare as best I can for this big unknown. I have been immersed in a spreadsheet over the last little while comparing altitude gain/distance covered forContinue reading “In search of a Hill:”