Speed Kills! But then what does not kill you makes you a better person – or so they say!!

I have one descent week of training behind me. Last week had one track session, a couple of easy runs and a 2h long easy run. This week is hectic with work commitments (and yes our staff party is tonight) so in order to keep momentum I decided to head to the promenade just after dawn to put down some quality.
There was the smell of smoke in the air as Mel and I jogged to our starting point. We were to run a loose game of tag up and down the cobbles. Her lead would prove impossible for me to catch her but it did provide the early poop scooping dog people with a fair amount of amusement. Yes the wind was out in force, no this was not going to stop us. From the Dragonfly to the puke bench measures 500m and so it was. 60 sec rest. Simple actually. 20 min warm up and a jog to cool down. Done and dusted in about an hour.
That was the plan…
The first four went ok as I settled into my pace. “One third down” I thought. Then the wind caught me and times slipped. A beautiful girl with drug strained eyes and soiled sports jacket walked across my path. The last two and I would have to give quite a lot to do reasonable times. 1:41 felt easy with a strong wind behind me. But on the last I was punished, suddenly paddling ferociously against the current, gasping for breath, feeling like I was sinking. Suddenly I was released as the gust disappeared and I reached the far shore and safety.
The smell of smoke is still there. Brain fry I realise.

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