2018: goals, visions, dreams and dissapointments

It is almost that time of year when we announce to the world (or anybody that will listen) our goals for 2018.Do you even remember what you promised yourself and your friends a year ago?

However come mid January every year these aspirations have often been long forgotten. Deemed unattainable.

What is going on?

Some of us have achieved the goal we set out only to fall into a slump afterwards. We are so used to this cycle that we come to expect it. But should it really be this way?

Rather than looking at the coming year (or any year for that matter) in isolation is it not more useful to see it as part of a continuum that we are on? If this is indeed the case is it not a good idea to have a common thread running through our actions (planned and otherwise).

So what is this common thread?

What is your common thread?

Is it not something greater than the individual parts? Perhaps a vision even?

Let me explain: If my vision is to be the best triathlete in the world then at some point I need to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona. That has consequences like winning local races, getting a good training plan, watching my diet, buying a fast bike and finally getting sponsors to fund this whole lifestyle. I would need to do everything I can in order to improve for that is my vision. But I also have to start from where I am now and build from there. But more of that process here.

Contrast that to somebody who wants to have fun with friends and family. They might choose to drink that glass of wine, miss out on the intervals in winter to go on the group ride, support others in a race rather than win at all costs because those things are all important for their vision. They might even fit their family into their training sessions. They might get their kids to ride along on their bikes for their morning run…

Neither option is better or more desirable. What is very attractive though is seeing somebody follow through. We have all seen those people. I am not for a minute saying that you have to be one tracked all the time but being conscious of what you want out of a particular moment or day or year makes the difference. And how that fits into your overall plan or vision makes it super powerful.

Then the little goals that we set ourselves along the way are stepping stones on a deeper path. There is no reason to hit post ultra blues because it is one rung on the ladder. A ladder that continues until we die. So choose your vision wisely. Your vision will become the framework or lens you judge your actions and progress by.
This takes time. 

2 thoughts on “2018: goals, visions, dreams and dissapointments

    1. I see so. Good example of doing what you can until what you can’t do does no longer exist. Too many of us wait “until the moment is right” wherein reality there is never a right moment just doing what you can.

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