Imagine if

So I drive out to the Atlantis Road just after New Year armed with black rubbish bags and a set of garden gloves. After all I had put my intentions out there so I had to do it.

Within a minute of starting to pick up rubbish a young girl appears and asks if I “clean up around here”

“Today I am” I reply

She asks if she can help.

Just like that she fills up a rubbish bag. I am blown away.

The point is not that I did something good. My intentions were not pure. The point is by putting something good out there it came right back and with force.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” a misquote I know but relevant non the less.

Today, this weekend, this week: put positive out there




She appeared in her white angle dress.

Said they called her a naier in the forgotten city.

She filled a bag with bottles, plastic and condom packets.

“It is funny that you are sticking your bum in the air picking up rubbish” she said

Or was she talking about herself?

And then she walked down the long road.

Home or to her next job?

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