Wetting Out / Drying Out

I got caught in a downpour this week. I was prepared and wearing my Rab Polartec Alpha synthetic fill puffy jacket. I was not exposed for long and confident on drying out quickly. It could have been very different. I came across John Barklow (check him out on IG as he has some cool videosContinue reading “Wetting Out / Drying Out”

The complete list of safe trails in Cape Town.

I am amazed by how much chatter the question of what are still considered ‘safe trails’ gets. All of a sudden people are experts on ‘the rules of hiking’ and which routes are SAFE. RULE NUMBER ONE: Let me tell you nobody has ever come to grief hiking alone. (Before you move on to prettyContinue reading “The complete list of safe trails in Cape Town.”

Hohenhort 15km

I recognised the anxiety straight away The nervousness. The slight hurry in everybody’s step. The frantic darting looks for the loo. The anticipation. I was surprised to find them so strong, so overwhelming and I had not missed them in two years. Sunday morning I stood at the start of the Hohenhort 15km road race.Continue reading “Hohenhort 15km”

Ten Top Table Mountain Trail Runs #5 Contour Path

If you require a quick trail fix of under 1h and are CBD bound then this little gem is a good way to start (or end the day). A warm up walk up to the Contour Path, Flat runnable trail below the sedimentary sandstone cliffs of Table Mountain and undulating trails back home make forContinue reading “Ten Top Table Mountain Trail Runs #5 Contour Path”

Spring time is here.

This is the season for insurance. Somehow it always happens. Somehow despite previous experience I always get caught out. No other season is like it. Summer is summer, it is hot and sunny and we know to put on lots of sunscreen when we go out. Winter is wet and cold and we accept thisContinue reading “Spring time is here.”