Imagine instead of forcing down that second helping of pudding over the next few days you spend just one hour giving back. No not to the poor, homeless, elderly. Give back to that which feeds every one of us every week of the year.Give back to the outdoors.

Imagine if you pick up rubbish on your favourite trail or next to your favourite road ride for just one hour. You will make a difference! And each little difference will add to the snowball.

We all get some kind of enjoyment out of our sport so I challenge each and every one of you to just give back to the planet in one small way.

Then there are those of us who make a living from the outdoors. I am calling all shops, retailers, distributors, race organisers, pro athletes, tour operators to just give back for one hour.

Imagine if each staff member at Cape Union Mart, Due South, Outdoor Warehouse, Sportsmans Warehouse, each independent outdoor and cycle store in SA just gave one hour? Literally your livelihood depends on it.

Imagine if we distributors of great brands each spent just one hour cleaning up the mess on our hills? Imagine if all at 32Gi, adidas, Asics, Black Diamond, Buff, Cuore, Giant, Gu, Hammer, La Sportiva, Petzl, Specialised, Scott gave just one hour?

Why have I named a few brands and not any others? I personally know you. I consider many of you my friends. I believe by being called to action we can make a real difference.

What do you need to do?

A pair of gloves (either surgical or gardening gloves) make picking up tissues etc a bit more bearable. You will need a rubbish bag and one hour of your time.


Go to your favourite trail, favourite ride, favourite park, street corner.. Anywhere where you want to make a difference and do it.

I don’t care about how many SM likes you get. The point is you are doing something for the planet which gives us so much.

Happy festive season all!

I work for Adventure Inc. We distribute Buff, Bridgedale, Osprey, Sea to Summit in Southern Africa. This article is written in my personal capacity.

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