What is your purpose?

bone gamesSounds a bit cocky does it not? but in this day and age everybody has some angle. But is this truly what we are or are we trying to be (or become) something else? A butterfly perhaps?

I see too many hashtags




So what is yours?

Either charity, or conquering the world by pushing the boundaries of what is possible or some other weird media spin? 720 degrees? Really? are we not dizzy yet? At the end of the day do you end up with No Poles?

The dragging a sack of potatoes up a big hill and calling it climbing is so yesterday. I thought that died in 1996 but clearly it has not.

Andy Kirkpatrick hits the nail in “When Hell Freezes Over“. Are you looking for a paid holiday?

Is it not important at this stage to re read Hunter S. Thompson’s words?

What are you trying to become?

What are you?

I live in society and hence am shaped by those around me. Some inspire me and hopefully I take from each what might serve me. What resonates.

The temptation is to want to be like them but that is too easy.

You are what? is probably more appropriate.

A few years ago I had coffee with Raoul. His story of Epic Unsupported Tour occupied a spot in my dreams. I am not brave enough to go truly unsupported.

Then Eric did the Cape2Knysna. The initiative is inspiring. I could not take the pressure however.

I hope to explore some uncharted terrain on the map and in my mind soon.

Hopefully I will be able to find some rhythm and beauty even if I don’t quite look pro.

Call it Walkabout or Bone Games I am not sure.

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