Spring time is here.

This is the season for insurance. Somehow it always happens. Somehow despite previous experience I always get caught out. No other season is like it. Summer is summer, it is hot and sunny and we know to put on lots of sunscreen when we go out. Winter is wet and cold and we accept thisContinue reading “Spring time is here.”

A tale of a journey

“Who are we, where are we, why are we, what are we” – Muse Day 1: George to Oudtshoorn via Old Montagu Pass 69 km, 1000 m ascent, 4h18 Mel went for a swim at the Virgin Active while I hopped on my bike. Keen to start my journey. Around the circle and up theContinue reading “A tale of a journey”

What is your purpose?

Sounds a bit cocky does it not? but in this day and age everybody has some angle. But is this truly what we are or are we trying to be (or become) something else? A butterfly perhaps? I see too many hashtags #hopingforabigbrandtoretweet #hopingtobenoticed #hopingtobesomebody So what is yours? Either charity, or conquering the world byContinue reading “What is your purpose?”

Etiquette / Non- Consensual Integration

As spring makes an appearance and  The Cycle Tour aka “Argus” entry date comes around we see our roads swell with cyclists. Here a story from a while ago. resurrected from “unpublished” We were riding out on the “red road”, north out of town. The tail wind meant only one thing for the way home.Continue reading “Etiquette / Non- Consensual Integration”

Overberg cycle tour 21 to 24 Dec 2013

The idea of doing a cycle tour has been in my head for a long time. I did not find the right degree of challenge and manageability for our plan until a few months ago. M and I were cycling in Grabouw and loved it. A plan was coming together for our December holiday. IContinue reading “Overberg cycle tour 21 to 24 Dec 2013”

How to survive the Pick and Pay Argus cycle Tour 2014:

Entries for next year’s Argus have sold out in a record 6 days! The only way you can still get a place on the start line now is to get a charity entry. Assuming that you have raised enough Randelas for dying pandas in Mexico you can now turn your attention to how to getContinue reading “How to survive the Pick and Pay Argus cycle Tour 2014:”