Was that worth dying for?

It’s not if but when.

We are all going to die. That is certain. So really the question is what do we do with this limited time.

We have all seen the advert where two cars hurtle towards each other. The film stops mid frame, kicked up gravel hangs mid air. Both drivers have a moment to consider their actions and imminent consequences.

Their actions are human to the core.

Is it important that my clients think I have screwed up and don’t care?

Is it important that I hit budget and sell as much kit as possible?

Is it important that I have the latest kit to match my peers?

Is it important that I have the big salary, drive the big car, hang with the happening crowd?

Is it important in the end?

The end is coming.

Of that you can be sure

Is it worth overtaking on that blind corner?

Is it worth spamming that bastard’s number plate who cut you off in morning traffic?

Because you are so fucking righteous. Because you are so fucking right.

But when that present tense is about to turn to past tense and you have no future in this world will you still feel this way? Will you think about your petty shit differently?

What will you think about?

Is it not worth pursuing that dream?

That dream that will become your legacy. Whatever it might be?

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