Run Like a Girl

The first time I met Krissy she talked about running 100 mile trail races all around the world. She was in SA to run the first edition of the Addo 100 mile trail race. (Sadly the Addo 100 does no longer exist) Later that year she became the youngest person to complete the Grand Slam of Ultra Running.

This blew my mind. Krissy inspired me to try and run 100 miles in one go. I completed the Addo 100 a few years later and count it as one of my prouder achievements in running. Krissy also planted the seed of the UTMB in my mind. Both of these achievements seemed off the charts for me until she followed in Sir Roger Bannister’s footprints and showed the rest of us that there is a brave new world beyond the horizon. Sir Roger was the first person to break the 4 minute mile. It did not take long after that mental barrier was broken for others to improve on it. However others needed somebody to break through before they could do it themselves.

My journey to UTMB is well documented on this site. My point is I wanted to Run Like that Girl. I was inspired!

We need to inspire and not hold each other back.


Climbing is all about pushing beyond our own horizon physically but more importantly mentally. This horizon is firmly entrenched through camp fire tales, some true some not. Through that we place limits on ourselves and on others. I have been guilty of this. I have raised my eyebrow subtly and sometimes not so subtly at others who had big dreams. Often bigger dreams than I could imagine. I apologize for that and can only try to not put my judgement on others going forward.

We do however need role models in our own lives to show us what is possible, to expand our horizons. Not to limit us. That line is very fine. What often happens is that we see our hero struggling with something and we immediately assume that it must be impossible for mere mortals like ourselves. I admire those few who approach things differently and don’t let other’s limitations translate to themselves.

This is where women are so different from men. Generally they are more supportive and encouraging of each other. There does not seem to be this negative competitiveness. (Well maybe that is just my outside perspective) Do girls deal with fear on a daily basis as described here?

So I came across this blog by Hazel Findlay which describes it beautifully. Guys could learn a lot in how to deal with not putting limits on ourselves and each other. More importantly we need to support all less powerful in reaching their potential and not pushing them down. We need to learn to run like girls, without placing limits on ourselves and others and just go for it and see how close we can get to that horizon.

Wishing you a run like a girl weekend!

And follow for inspiration.



One thought on “Run Like a Girl

  1. Hey buddy, really like this post. Been trying to find inspiration to write more inspirational stuff. This has helped 🙂

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