Items of beauty – and desire

IMG_1702Beauty in simplicity. I first fell in love with an Opinel no 8 Carbon in 1991. Légion étrangère printed on the wood is now faded. No souvenir.  Judging by the previous owner I suspect it did not lie idle. Even the knick out of the curve adds to it’s beauty. I sharpen it on a smooth river stone often.

Fast wheels just look fast and sexy. Black of course. 404’s are just right. Items of desire!

amazing amount of power packed into this package

Talking about black the little e+LITE is really the perfect emergency item in your camping / climbing / outdoor / eskom blackout survival kit.

MSR revolutionised the mountaineering stove world with its Whisperlite International stove.

years of use have left little impression

For all that have had to disassemble one with frozen hands or in an outdoor store will know. The design has not changed in 20 years. The heart of this kanniedood lives up to Einstein’s saying “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.

reflective detail

Sexy Cycling kit is sexy. The level of detail in leading brands is just staggering.

mesh for comfort and cooling

Today I ran with my S-lab waistpack. Just big enough to carry my mobile and water. I never run with a phone but today I was glad as I used the map function to make a rendezvous on time.

Whenever I use one of the above I am in awe for a moment and enjoy them even more. Sexy gear just is sexy.

Simplicity indeed.

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