I can’t take it anymore. A rant about Bant!

IMG_1474Let’s dissect a couple of things around the Banting / Noakes Eating Plan. Yes it is the Noakes Eating Plan because nobody before him has pushed this so hard.

I do believe that this is not a diet that you can cheat on. This is a lifestyle choice. I approve!

I do agree that it works for some people to lose weight and feel much better. (Probably a large percentage of that group is mostly sedentary and not active.) The fact that Noakes now runs 30 km a week barely takes him out of the sedentary category

I do agree that we need to think more critically about what we eat. I praise Noakes for that!

I do agree that processed sugars are not good and best avoided.

I think that “The Real Food Revolution” is fantastic inspiration. Well done for showing that there are alternatives to our fast food attitude at the moment.

Human’s are far more complex and adaptive than most of us realise. What works for one (group) does not work for all. And just because a group has success does not mean that you can extrapolate. That is basic science.

Here is the crux:

Processed sugars are the real problem. Not all carbohydrates. If you cut out sugar in tea and coffee, bread, cakes, processed and sweetened food, all carbonated drinks and fruit juices then you are doing bloody well.

I still eat sweet potatoes, rice and fruit as I feel better for doing so.

I don’t believe that active and especially super active (let’s call them people who exercise 14 plus hours a week) can sustain a non carb fuelling plan. (Some might but I think most people will find it leads to decreased performance.) In fact I only know of one super active person that follows the LCHF diet properly. Virtually everybody else I train with or bump into out training or racing has tried but can’t maintain. Not due to will power but due to poorer performances.

Let’s not confuse Noake’s mission of trying to save the universe from itself with what he is saying: Fruit and potatoes and rice are all bad and you can eat as much fat as you like.

Am I on the right track here? What are your experiences?

Please post your stories below:

2 thoughts on “I can’t take it anymore. A rant about Bant!

  1. When I left school back in the 80’s I weight about 61kg and then put on a couple of pounds of muscel while in the army. My “racing” wieght in the mid 90’s was 62.5kg. 20 years on I weigh 65.4kg…. I know I would have to watch wat I eat if I want to get back to 62.5, but as things stand most people already think I’m to thin, so what’s my secrot diet?
    Too much Chocolate, too much beer, pasta, pizza, I love rice and roast potatoes. Chips, yes I eat a packet (150g) with Humus this weekend, which I had to wash down with coke as the beer was finished…
    I also eat fruit and veggies and have chocolate Pronutro for breakfast.

    Don’t think there is any help for me…

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