IMG_1396Sunday morning I joined a group of friends for a ride on their turf.

I woke in the morning with a rising nervousness. Was my tyre pressure right? Did I have enough warm clothing? Would they leave me in their dust in their stomping ground? Who else feels this before going to play in somebody else’s back yard?


M had bought some Truth so I wanted to make it old school style in my stove top espresso maker. The distinctive gurgling started and our pre dawn apartment was filled with the strong smell of coffee.

And strong it was. I guess I must have poured the amount of coffee on the optimistic side. Memories from my student days. Not quite the predictable Nespresso dose of today.

Nervousness was ratcheted up a notch as caffeine hit my bloodstream. I quickly had to eat something to deal with it.

PS the ride went well and my mates looked after me but none the less it was an interesting pre play date nervousness.

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  1. Took my bike out for a training ride the other day… only an hour, but it’s a start! if I keep it up I might be fit enough to ride with you. Mark is dying to ride with me so he can kick my butt!!!!

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