Buller’s Kop (two people’s thoughts)

Last weekend I wanted to explore an area I did not know well. I wanted to check out Duiwel’s Kloof in the Banhoek Valley and also there was the East Face on Buller’s Kop. Why it is called the ‘East Face’ I can not tell you. We were in the shade all day and accordingContinue reading “Buller’s Kop (two people’s thoughts)”

I can’t take it anymore. A rant about Bant!

Let’s dissect a couple of things around the Banting / Noakes Eating Plan. Yes it is the Noakes Eating Plan because nobody before him has pushed this so hard. I do believe that this is not a diet that you can cheat on. This is a lifestyle choice. I approve! I do agree that itContinue reading “I can’t take it anymore. A rant about Bant!”

Sunday morning I joined a group of friends for a ride on their turf. I woke in the morning with a rising nervousness. Was my tyre pressure right? Did I have enough warm clothing? Would they leave me in their dust in their stomping ground? Who else feels this before going to play in somebodyContinue reading

Three things I liked about the Argus Cycle Tour Expo:

Every year in March there is a mad frenzy to get everything ready for the Argus Expo. The biggest retail expo in SA and certainly bigger than anything else in the sporting goods market. Every year I see the same faces. Eddy Cassar and his crew run good operation. This year I was struck byContinue reading “Three things I liked about the Argus Cycle Tour Expo:”

Race Nutrition: an experiment of one

I could already see the finish. It was just a km or so of downhill, a shortish road section (also downhill) and then a run across the beach of Hout Bay to the finish line. Yes you guessed it I was getting to the end of the Hout Bay Trail Challenge. What I did notContinue reading “Race Nutrition: an experiment of one”

Call it what you will but everybody is talking about the Noakes diet:

You must ask yourself why on earth I would want to try this “diet” wheighing 74kg and 1,96 m in height. I am not trying to loose weight but I do want to improve my health and performance. And yes I cannot think about trying to make two different meals for two different people inContinue reading “Call it what you will but everybody is talking about the Noakes diet:”

Random thoughts around gear and techniques

In a sport like trail running we pay a weight penalty for every extra tool we carry with us, so getting kit that really works is critical! (a fantastic headlamp that turns the darkest night into day will require a prohibitive battery pack, whereas a lighter option may save you on weight and therefore energyContinue reading “Random thoughts around gear and techniques”