Spring time is here.

This is the season for insurance. Somehow it always happens. Somehow despite previous experience I always get caught out. No other season is like it. Summer is summer, it is hot and sunny and we know to put on lots of sunscreen when we go out. Winter is wet and cold and we accept this and layer up. Autumn is different too.

The weekend forecast looked good so I took out insurance. I put on sunscreen for our early morning ride. I hesitated with the windbreaker but put it on more as an afterthought as I stepped through the front door. I should have known. Cruising along the Red Road to Blouberg the double rainbow was a sure sign but I did not pay attention. It was pretty while it lasted. My partner has been pounding the power so I was happy to sit in and enjoy the cruise.

Minutes later the skies opened and not in the way I wanted. “Oh this won’t last” I thought.

My riding buddy kept pushing the pedals. It was time to put our heads down and pretend to be Dutch hardmen. Luckily he was wearing a bright coloured top and so I could see him. I could vaguely make out his back wheel too. My glasses were the only things keeping my eyes open from the spray from his back wheel. Stinging with sunscreen by this point. It was a fine balance of sitting outside the wind and getting soaked you see. I knew which one was worse so I sucked it up.

There was always the advantage that I did not need to drink at all. Just open my mouth.

At moments like this my shoulders ride up and I want to withdraw my head like a tortoise.  Luckily this did not last too long. He called the turn around saving me from begging.

As we entered the café filled  with warmduschers – all dry, having the big breakfast on the small ride we could hold our heads high in the knowledge.

IMG_1396Sunday morning I joined a group of friends for a ride on their turf.

I woke in the morning with a rising nervousness. Was my tyre pressure right? Did I have enough warm clothing? Would they leave me in their dust in their stomping ground? Who else feels this before going to play in somebody else’s back yard?


M had bought some Truth so I wanted to make it old school style in my stove top espresso maker. The distinctive gurgling started and our pre dawn apartment was filled with the strong smell of coffee.

And strong it was. I guess I must have poured the amount of coffee on the optimistic side. Memories from my student days. Not quite the predictable Nespresso dose of today.

Nervousness was ratcheted up a notch as caffeine hit my bloodstream. I quickly had to eat something to deal with it.

PS the ride went well and my mates looked after me but none the less it was an interesting pre play date nervousness.