What is it about movement that is so fascinating?

We are programmed to move. To run, walk, jump, play. Of course some playing is more serious than others.
The dancing here is phenomenal.
But what happens when you add another?
Geraldine Rojas and Javier Rodrigues do the simplest Milonga together. (the more I watch this the more I actually realise how complex their dance is. The subtlety is amazing) The dancers and their interaction with each other, the floor, music (or time) give the framework. Pretty intoxicating stuff when it all falls into place. Like a key fitting into a hole rather than fumbling with the rest of the bunch that never feel right.
That can only happen when we are present, in our selves, in space and in time. Listen to Mark Allen talk about it here. He knew when the time was right.
So too in competition. We need the other to bring out the music and bring out the best in us. I can watch Sammy Wanjiro and Kebede duel it out many times in the chicago marathon in 2010. Tears in my eyes every time.
I guess that interaction is slightly more hidden between the Hoyt’s here.
Movement needs space but it also needs time. To be present in both!

We are hard wired to move. That requires us to be present now in this space and in ourselves. If we can be both of those and share that in the company of others then all the better.
Hope you are inspired to have a happy holidays y’all!

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